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About Demitra Demitra Vassiliadis is a spiritual Astrologer, inspirational speaker, workshop and ceremony leader. Services Heaven To Earth Astrology offers a variety of services at different price points.

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Events and Appearances Demitra is a sought after inspirational public speaker and workshop leader, and is happy to speak, perform, do readings, or offer spiritual entertainment at your event. View Services. Site development by Baseline Group NY. The culminating point has been reached, and now must begin an apparent downward course toward the western horizon.

The seventh angle, or House of Marriage, etc.

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The alluring temptations of material illusions draw the souls downward, and, divorced from their celestial state, the radiance of Divine love becomes obscured, until the twilight of consciousness of that former state is lost in the night of material conditions. This house signifies, also, law, and open enemies, and Libra justice.

Sex is the law. The antagonism is surely too apparent to require explanation. The fourth angle, or Nadir, the point opposite the M. It is death, inertia; that is, crystallization of the soul's spiritual forces.

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It is the lowest point of the are in the monad's downward journey. It is the night, before the awakening of a new day upon a higher plane of existence.

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The remaining houses are the lights and shadows that, fill out and complete the picture, upon this, the first round of the Cyclic Ladder. The Twelfth House, symbolized by Taurus, represents the first expression of form of the human soul. It is matter in the most etherealized state. It is the trail of the serpent; the silent, secret, tenacious, negative principle; that ultimately draws the soul down into the vortices of gross matter and death.

The Eleventh, or House of Friends, whose symbol is Gemini, the Twins, expressive of the first emanation of this sublime relationship, the dual attributes, love and wisdom, closest friends. It is sensation and aspiration, which enable the spirit to attain to the exalted state indicated by the Tenth Mansion. Having evolved the twins, and inspiring the Divine breath of wisdom; glowing with Deific love, the Ego aspires to know; and all the sympathies of the soul are aroused. Dauntless and fearless, defying all opposition and consequences, It the Ego is ready to sacrifice this angelic state and explore the boundless Universe in pursuit of knowledge, and goes forth on its long voyage upon the ocean of Infinite, fathomless love and wisdom.

The Eighth, or House of Death and Legacies, is symbolized by Virgo, the virgin wife, standing before the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil," fascinated by the flattering prospects of greater power and wisdom. Desire and sympathy draw the soul down into realms which lead to death, and the beginning of a heritage of sorrow.

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The fall, from Libra through Scorpio sex , created the first condition of what we recognize as sickness and affliction. It is evident that this house is related to the elementals of the astral plane, which become the servitors of man. The Fifth, or House of Children, etc. The Third House is symbolized by Aquarius. This is the first step of the upward journey, or evolution, from the inert mineral state.

The changes are now rapid; the journeys innumerable; through mineral, vegetable, and animal planes, of existence.

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